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The Processing Zone is sold out

At Pack Expo International 2010, this special exhibit area in Lakeside Center will include more than 150 companies exhibiting in more than 70,000 square feet.

The advantage 50 Single Screw Extruder and the CFS MegaSlicer are among the processing machines to be seen at The Processing Zon
The advantage 50 Single Screw Extruder and the CFS MegaSlicer are among the processing machines to be seen at The Processing Zon
Here’s a preview of some processing oriented technologies that will be featured at the show.

l The versatile Advantage 50 Single Screw Extruder from American Extrusion International (Booth # 6946) produces a range of standard shapes and raw materials. Cream-filled snacks, fabricated tortilla chips and cereals are also possible with additional equipment and/or die changes. The robust system is built to run 24 hours a day 7 days a week and produces 200 kg/hr (440 lbs/hr) of unflavored corn curls and is relatively small and nimble compared to a twin screw extruder. The extruder comes with a live bottom hopper to prevent raw material from bridging and is automated with a NEMA 12 control panel or optional stainless steel NEMA 4X.

l The latest generation CFS MegaSlicer (Booth # 6827) comes equipped with new CFS OptiScan, an x-ray based system that increases yield when slicing products like hams and bacon that have an irregular shape and varying product density. Thanks to the data the OptiScan provides, costly giveaway is significantly reduced accompanied by high proportion of on-weight portions.

l The Vibro Cleaner from G.J. OLNEY, Inc. (Booth # 6514) is suitable for cleaning and heavy trash removal of many different products including dry and rehydrated beans, fresh peas and limas, nuts and blueberries. An initial cleaning stage removes light-floating trash in the flotation tank. The product, after sinking to the bottom of the flotation tank, passes over the destoning section where stones, mudballs, sand and silt are caught and trapped in the stone crib. The stone crib may be easily emptied of the collected trash in seconds, by simply turning the operating handle which lifts the crib allowing the trash to be flushed into an emptying basket or drain. The product, after passing over the stone crib, is dewatered and screened of fine trash on the S.S. rod vibrating dewatering screen. Trash passing through the screen is dewatered on the lower screen deck and is discharged to the trash chute.

l Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. (Booth # 7241) has introduced a special line of Curtain Walls to fit the sanitation needs of food processing environments. A slick surface facilitates the shedding of water and soils and welded seams eliminate trapped contamination. Panels overlap to prevent wash breakthrough and splashing of nearby active processing operations during washdown, yet allow traffic to pass easily from one area to the next. Ideal for the meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, dry goods, prepared foods, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, the curtains are available in either a 40 mil PVC, 40 mil USDA grade PVC or 40 mil antimicrobial PVC.

l The Easy Flow™ Cooler from Lyco Manufacturing (Booth # 6618) leverages patented technology to mix, spread, cool and transfer products from zone to zone using a Venturi motion. This action is gentle and the product avoids any contact with the pump. Residence time in each zone is about 5-7 seconds, and depending on the product type and desired exit temperature, additional zones or stages can be added. Easy to cool products, such as some short goods pasta, can be cooled down from 200°F/94°C to 40°F/5°C in (7) seconds using 33°F/1°C chilled water. In a Three Stage Model, temperatures can reach as low as 50-40°F (10-5°C) in less than 25 seconds. Easy Flow can be used as a stand alone unit or in combination with a Lyco Clean Flow or Rotary Drum Blancher / Cooker.

l The new Micro Spiral Oven from Unitherm Food Systems, Inc. (Booth # 6718) is designed to take smaller processors out of batch cooking and into a continuous cooking system. The compact system (measuring 8’ x 8’ x 8’) is big on features, including humidity control, variable speed fan, thyristor controls, impinging airflow, belt wash, touchscreen controls and CIP hook-up.

l The DiversaCut 2110® Dicer, manufactured by Urschel Laboratories, Inc. (Booth # 6919), offers a high capacity while taking up minimal floor space. An Urschel-engineered compact cutting zone enables a smooth transition of product flow that translates into superior quality cuts. The wide range of cuts include: flat slices from 1/16 to 1” (1.6 up to 25.4 mm), circular knife cuts from 1/8 to 3” (3.2 up to 76.2 mm), crosscut knife cuts from 1/8 to 1-1/2” (3.2 up to 38.1 mm), and a multitude of crinkle and strip cuts including new deep crinkle and v-cuts. The DiversaCut 2110® Dicer accepts input product up to 10” (254 mm) in any dimension.

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