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Seeking feedback on streamlined LCA software
Jocelyn Buteau, Owner & CEO, Biopaqc, Consultant

I’d like to have your input regarding the streamlined Life Cycle Analysis software solutions available on the market. I have a strong knowledge base in LCA applied in packaging solutions, and in order to be more effective and provide more integrated solutions (the triple bottom line), I am looking at the business solutions available.
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A deluge of responses to recyclable coffee-packaging inquiry
“Katherine M.,” retailer

Has anyone come across recyclable packaging for the coffee industry? We currently use poly nylon bags, Mylar bags, and clay-coat poly-lined bags. I would like to switch to something recyclable, but so far haven’t found anything.
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Oxo-degradable companies fail to respond to patent requests. Why?

I recently approached a few companies that claim to have developed a plastic additive for PET bottles that renders the bottle bio-degradable under landfill conditions. After exhaustive inspections of their well-developed Web sites, as well as many provided links, I found very little information regarding any patents or patents pending. So, I decided to contact the various companies, providing some background on myself and on the significant Asian markets I represent. They seemed interested, and discussions ensued. I requested general patent and testing documentation, and everything seemed to be on track, until it wasn’t. These organizations expressed interest initially and suddenly did an about-face. Why?
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