Golden Mummy winners

Kraft Macaroni and CheeseKraft Food and Cello FoilKraft Foods recently changed the packaging format for its 12 and 15-pack bundles by replacing a shrink film, to improve appearance and eliminate loading problems due to skewed bundles, with ExxonMobil Chemical’s Bicor® AB-X film.

The Bicor film’s excellent printability allows Kraft to wrap its large multi-packs with special promotional graphics. In addition, Kraft enjoys outstanding shelf appearance due to excellent optical properties, improved performance on press and strong seal strength that keeps the multi-pack bundles tightly together.

Hershey Milk Chocolate and Milk Chocolate with Almonds

Hershey Foods and Bemis Company

When Hershey Foods decided to replace foil/paper/tissue packaging on its world-famous milk chocolate bars, it did so with four main goals: increase visibility on the store shelf, distinguish the two bars (with almonds and without), improve product freshness, and bolster tamper protection. A structure of two ExxonMobil Chemical films – Bicor® 75 CSR-2 and Metallyte™ 50 TSPM – met all objectives.

The treated surface of CSR-2 gave the package an excellent platform for demanding graphics. Hershey and Bemis took advantage of the brilliant metal appearance of the TSPM by leaving unprinted areas for the metal to show through on the finished package. The new film-based structure employs cold seal technology, a feature not supported by the previous package. The cold seal ensures the freshness of the Hershey bar and it makes the product much more tamper evident.

Gorge Delights Pear Bar

Gorge Delights with Pak-Sel

With its 100 percent natural ingredients and ability to keep its chewy

consistency at extreme temperatures, the Gorge Delights Pear Bar appeals to a diverse audience – from natural foods and sporting goods stores to the United States military and NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration.) To market the bar to such diverse markets, Gorge Delights needed a multi-purpose package. Gorge Delights uses two ExxonMobil Chemical films in one structure. The outdoors retail market is receptive to the natural, wholesome appeal of Bicor 70 MLT while the layer of Oppalyte® MU842

provides stout barrier to meet two-year shelf life requirements set by the military and space programs.


McNeil Vial Products

McNeil Consumer and Specialty Pharmaceuticals, National Label Company, Ritrama

When new Federal legislation forced McNeil Consumer and Specialty Pharmaceuticals to re-think the labeling structure on its pharmaceuticals bottles, an ExxonMobil Chemical film helped solve the labeling headache. McNeil partnered with National Label Company and adhesive coater, Ritrama, to replace its PVC shrink sleeve with a 370 degree pressure-sensitive label and National Label’s patented 900 degree Extended Wrap Label – to give the

bottle the necessary space for federally mandated language. Both structures used Label-Lyte® 302 for its cost effectiveness, printability on press and resealing properties. Label-Lyte 302 also adds a layer of consumer protection as its proprietary, cavitated film design provides tamper-evident capabilities.

POWERade Matrix/NHRA National Promotion

The Coca-Cola Company and Salem Label

Earlier this year, the Coca-Cola Company tapped into marketing power of The Matrix movie franchise with a POWERade Matrix promotional bottle. In order to capitalize on this partnership, Coca-Cola gave its POWERade drink a unique curved bottle that required an equally appealing label. Converter Salem Label chose a Label-Lyte Roll On Shrink On (ROSO) film from ExxonMobil Chemical to decorate the shaped bottle. Label-Lyte provided consistent high shrink and efficient roll-fed labeling on Coca-Cola’s existing labeling equipment.

Old English Furniture Polish

Reckitt Benckiser and Hammer Lithograph

For years, Reckitt Benckiser used oil and grease resistant paper to label its Old English furniture polish products. Unfortunately, this paper tears from customer use and it discolors when the liquid polish seeps out and runs down the bottle. Hammer Lithograph wanted a better solution for its longtime customer and suggested using ExxonMobil Chemical’s Label-Lyte LS-447 to improve the package’s appearance. The Label-Lyte film provided strength, chemical and moisture resistance and durability. Old English’s new label stands out on the shelf and stands up to everyday use.

Judging for the Golden Mummy / Pyramid Awards took place in Rochester, N.Y. near the ExxonMobil Chemical Films main office. The following industry experts served on the independent panel of judges: David Luttenberger, Director of Packaging Strategies; Jim Peters, President of J. Peters Associates – a writing and marketing communications firm; and Karen Proctor, Chair of the Packaging Science Program at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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