eWinWin(, an enabler of group buying, achieved its first transaction in the packaging field. In the eWinWin group-buying model, the more buyers that sign up to buy from a given supplier in a specific transaction, the lower the price based on a discount schedule worked out in advance by the seller.

In this transaction (for marking supplies), Cleveland, OH-based PakRite, a supplier of packaging materials for industrial applications, aggregated the demand of five separate buyers in Utah, California, Montana, Oregon and New York, resulting in a 17% discount off the initial price.

( has signed up Hoppmann Corp. and Sonoco to sell some of their packaging products through the site’s newly established Purchasing Exchange. Hoppmann, which made the first sale on the exchange, sold a prefeeding machine to one of its dealers.

( released a new version of its site that now includes auctions, new search functionality, a redesigned welcome page and direct links to supplier store fronts.

Interchange Digital

(, a provider of Web-based digital asset management services for consumer products manufacturers, has released version 2.5 of its PaRTS™ Production and Resource Tracking System.

Eastman Chemical Co.

( has established its own online auction site for its wide-spec PET resins.

Sand Hill Systems’

( Entr´e online ordering system was chosen by KDV Label, maker of pressure sensitive labels, to allow customers and distributors to order labels online.

BuyerLink Networks

(, an e-marketplace for the food and beverage industries, has signed up Solvay Polymers, Inc., a supplier of high-density polyethylene and polypropylene resins.

( is hosting a series of training sessions on how to profit by buying resin online.


( an online B2B vertical marketplace for machine builders, equipment suppliers and system integrators, has received seed investment funds from Adept Technology Inc., a manufacturer of industrial robots used in packaging machinery.

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