Pack Expo Plus: Seminars, conferences and allied shows

High-tech packaging solutions, new resin technologies, healthcare packaging, and better sealing technologies are just a few of the areas covered in conferences and seminars during Pack Expo week.

In addition to nearly 1귔 booth exhibits, Pack Expo 96 attendees will have a chance to take in a raft of seminars, conferences and related trade shows located mostly at downtown-area hotels. Conferences are scheduled before and after but not during Pack Expo 96, to allow visitors to concentrate on booth exhibits during the show. What follows is a comprenhensive preview of the various seminars, conferences, workshops and related trade shows so that you can properly plan to get the most out of your visit. Nov. 14-15 Simulation testing Chaired by consultant Dennis Young, IoPP's Simulation Testing Workshop at Chicago's Downtown Marriott is a two-day workshop that links field-measured hazards to laboratory tests. Attendees should have a basic knowledge of simulation testing. This hands-on session will show how to collect and analyze data from measuring instruments to predict the effect of the environment on both product and package. Participants will receive an electronic, computer-compatible temperature logger and software. Nov. 15 Paperboard packaging IoPP's Funda-mentals of Pa-perboard Pack-aging Short Course, Chicago Marriott Downtown, is an introduction to paperboard packaging that will provide a thorough working knowledge of paperboard packaging and its fiber sources. The course is lead by consultant Walter Soroka. Participants will learn about papermaking technology, design considerations for selecting paper packaging, carton styles and closures, applications and limitations. Nov. 15-16. Flexible packaging Led by Mike Taylor of Pack-aging Person-nel, IoPP's Fun-damentals of Flexible Packaging, at the Chicago Marriott Downtown, is designed for those with little or no knowledge of flexible packaging. It presents terminology, materials and applications, and printing and converting processes. Also covered will be machinery types, specification standards and quality assurance techniques. The workshop will cover applications including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical and others. Nov. 16 Temperature-controlled packs For professionals involved in shipping temperature-sensitive products, consultant Robert Fiedler will present Packaging for Controlled Temperature Shipping, to be held at Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Park, IL. It will cover applications including frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, vaccine and medical products and devices, human tissue and other products that require close temperature monitoring. Topics will include the specifying and testing of insulated shippers. Nov. 16-17 Advanced technology conference IoPP's Advanced Technology of Packaging Conference at Chicago's Downtown Marriott is co-chaired by Dr. Aaron Brody, Rubbright-Brody, and Robert Esse, Esse Technologies. The conference begins with a keynote address by Dr. John Allen, Michigan State University, Food industry in transition: What will be your strategic responses? Arthur St. Onge, St. Onge Co., will then discuss How ECR-driven material handling changes will affect the packaging industry. James Southwell, Pactiv Packaging, offers Beyond corrugated shipping containers. Folding carton technologies to enhance consumer appeal is the subject for Lenita Davis, James River Corp. Patrick Joyner and Dr. Leland Liu of Mobil Chemical will describe The role of oriented high-density film in flexible packaging. Richard Lusignea, Superex Polymer, will identify The barrier properties of liquid crystal polymers. Finally, Nina Goodrich, Guelph Food Technology Centre, will focus on How PET/PEN blends produce clear barrier packs. During lunch, Greg Erickson, Shelf Presence, will discuss What the consumer expects from packaging. The afternoon begins with Container Machinery's Heinz Grossjohan discussing Specially shaped cans for special products. Gene Bauer, Microseam Engineered Systems, predicts When Microseam cans will break into the U.S. The subject of Fred Church, CanTech Inter-national is Can plastic/metal laminate cans cure the VOC blues? Randy Wright, Questech Packaging, will describe Deep-draw barrier plastic multilayer containers. Fred Steininger, Exxon Corp., will explain New applications for metallocene polyethylenes. The second day begins with Dr. Sara Risch, Science by Design, showing how to Measure the interaction between food and packaging materials. Stephen Muscanto, Pneuseal Intl., will describe Technology that widens heat-seal temperature ranges. Dr. Gideon Salee, Batelle Laboratories, will explain How phase-change systems can provide temperature-controlled shipping protection. During a Sunday morning bagel brunch, Mary Murphy, Packaging Week, will interpret Trends and advances in European packaging. Dr. Aaron Brody and Michael Thaler, Air Liquide America, combine to discuss Noble gases to enhance modified-atmosphere packaging. Roman Forowycz, MAP Systems Intl., will talk about applications for a Vacuumless system for oxygen removal. Consultant Phil Waugh will present an update on Ultra-high-pressure food sterilization. Just before lunch, Charles Watkins, Robert Bosch Corp., will describe A new microbiologically validated clean-fill thermoform/fill/seal system. After lunch, Doug Burns, Allen-Bradley, presents the latest developments in Simplified machine wiring for automated machinery systems. Going beyond that, Chris Thompson of Georgia Tech's Research Institute will describe FAST: factory automation support technology, "wearable" computer hardware and software. Michael Hayes, Premier Packaging, will explain how his company Configured a CAD solid-model testing program. Igi LeRoux, Silpa Ink Systems, will show How marketers can foil counterfeiting through engineered security systems. Finally, Lynn Durkin, Eastman Kodak, will give a progress report on EAS source tagging of consumer products. Registration for this two-day seminar is $750 for IoPP members, $880 for nonmembers. Nov. 16-17 Designing shipping packs For the 12th year, IoPP's Transport Packaging Design Workshop, at Chicago's Marriott Downtown, is designed for packagers whose products must arrive safely to customers. Consultant Alfred McKinlay and Herbert Schueneman, WestPak, will show the basic concepts of transport packaging, rules and regulations affecting this packaging and provide a comprehensive understanding of all transport packaging materials and containers. Nov. 17 Career advances Do's and Don'ts for Advancing Your Packaging Career, at the Chicago Marriott Downtown, is a two-hour mini-session. Packaging Personnel's Mike Taylor will help packagers learn how to stay competitive in this ever-changing and high-turnover field. He'll help attendees to recognize opportunities--and how to "make" them happen. Nov. 17 Machinery fundamentals Geared to packaging engineers or technicians, Fundamentals of Packaging Machinery & Line Design, at Chicago's Marriott Downtown, offers a comprehensive working knowledge of line design. In a practical, hands-on environment, attendees will be given the basics and the theory on which packaging production methods and technology are based. Instructors Howard Leary, Richard Smith and Lawrence Luciano, are all with Luciano Packaging Technologies. Nov. 17-20 Promoting store brands Aimed at promoting store brands, the New York-based Private Label Manufacturers Assn.'s 16th annual show is scheduled for suburban Chicago's Rosemont Convention Center Nov. 17 to 20. More than 1귔 exhibitors, including many packaging suppliers, will display at least 20ꯠ different private-label products within two exhibit halls. Product categories include food, beverage, health and beauty, pharmaceutical, household and general merchandise. Overall attendance is expected to exceed 5ꯠ, making it the largest event in the history of the private label industry. Mark Hollis, vice chairman of Lakeland, FL-based Publix Super Markets, will deliver the opening address. On Tuesday, Nov. 19, PLMA's 10th annual "Salute to Excellence" product and packaging awards will be announced at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare hotel. The exposition is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the 18th; 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the 19th. A PLMA Roundtable from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Nov. 20 concludes the show. Nov. 20 Women in Packaging Is there a Man in Your Life? is the question Kennesaw, GA-based Women In Packaging plans to answer at its national meeting discussing "The complexities of making mentoring work for women in the male-dominated industry of packaging." Sponsored by Stone Container (Chicago, IL), the luncheon program will feature Bill Laimbeer, Sr., chairman of Laimbeer Packaging (Melvindale, MI) and Gayle Sparapani of Stone Container. The luncheon will be held in Room E258, lobby level, McCormick Place East. Program fees were not available at press time. Advance registration is required. Nov. 20-21. Future-Pak '96 Plastic beer packages, metallocene polymers, liquid crystal polymer applications, and active microwave packaging are among the topics to be discussed at Future-Pak® '96. This Thirteenth International Schroeder Conference on Packaging Innovations will be held Nov. 20 and 21 at the Westin Hotel in Chicago. Session One, Barrier technologies, leads off with New EVOH development for flexible applications, presented by Nobuhiko Hata and H. Stan Shimo of Kuraray Co., Ltd. and EVAL Co. of America. Next up is AlliedSignal, Inc., whose Dr. Yash P. Khanna will present Oxygen barrier of nylon 6. From Superex Polymer, Inc., Richard W. Lusignea will share Cost and performance ramifications in multilayer LCP applications. After a morning break comes Nylon clay hybrids for packaging, presented by Takatoshi Fujimoto of Ube Industries. He's followed by I-Hwa Lee of DuPont Packaging and Industrial Polymers, who will describe Improved thermoforming of EVOH/amorphous nylon blends. And finally in Session One is The future of meat packaging, by Bill Kuecker of Cryovac-Grace Packaging. Session Two, Resin and film technologies, begins with a paper by Walter Goetz of BASF AG titled Solid-state postcrystallization of nylon film. Next up is Dow Chemical Co.'s Mike W. Potts with Extrusion coating vs. film lamination--how INSITE®-based polymers will offer more. And finishing the morning off is Minority blends of LDPE in metallocene LLDPE, presented by Marsha M. Arvedson of Exxon Chemical Co. Following the break is Laszlo J. Bonis of T.F.M. Consultants on PET-LCP alloy developments and leading advances in PET use. Exxon Chemical's David Simon addresses Exceed PE and Exact elastomers. Then Mark A. Schroeder, Tredegar Film Products, presents Commercial breakthroughs for compression rolled oriented films. The final paper of the day is Enhanced polyethylenes via INSITE® technology, by Dow Chemical Co.'s Tracey D. Stirling. Bright and early on Nov. 21 begins Session Three, Active packaging and product/package interaction. Boh Tsai of Amoco Chemical Co. discusses Oxygen scavenging concentrates. Next is Quantifying the interaction of food and beverage flavors with plastic materials, presented by Polysultants Co.'s Morris Salame. Christine E. Boisrobert of Air Liquide presents Modified atmosphere packaging technology to address new consumer needs. The afternoon begins with Reducing off-flavor release from plastic processing using vitamin E, presented by Kit L. Yam of Rutgers U. and Hoffman-LaRoche. James River Corp.'s Randy Schulz follows with Active microwave packaging. Then, in a special presentation, Nick J. Huige of Miller Brewing describes The requirements for plastic beer packages. Processing, converting, and testing is the territory to be covered in Session Four, which begins with Seal-through contamination: a comparison of INSITE® technology polymers with acid-copolymers and ionomers, presented by Dow Chemical Co.'s Michelle F. Simpson. Next up is William Hellmuth of Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering Co., who will discuss Blown and cast film processing of metallocene LLDPE. Finishing the morning is Mike Augustine of Black Clawson Converting Machinery Corp., who will cover Modular extrusion coating systems. In the afternoon, Stephen A. Muscanto of Pneuseal Intl. Corp. presents Innovative new heat seal technology. Then David Weisinger, Exxon Chemical Co., describes Metallocene polymers for extrusion coating. Covering New developments in determining the permeability, solubility, and diffusion coefficients of barrier polymers and coatings is Robert L. Demorest of MOCON/Modern Controls. And finally, Frederic S. McIntyre of McI Technologies, Inc., presents New UV-curable scratch-resistant top coatings. There will also be a special preconference course on barrier materials on Nov. 19. It will be presented by Morris Salame, president of Polysultants Co. Nov. 20-21 Plastic Bag Assn. explores trends The Plastic Bag Assn. will host a business session, committee meetings and a full agenda addressing market trends, equipment performance, consumer attitudes and government regulations at its annual meeting at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare Hotel in Chicago. What is the future of plastics recycling? will be addressed by a panel consisting of Keith Atkins, Union Carbide, Bruce Perlson, Quantum Chemical, and Mike Vatuna, Trex Co. LLC. Richard Mastio, Mastio & Co., will present Future projections on retail bags and sales. Bullwinkle Partners' Eric Greenberg then looks at Packaging law. The evening concludes with a presentation by Rod Lowman, vp/government affairs with the American Plastics Council. Committee and task force meetings the following day include standards, recycling, envelope, can liner and regional converter forum. Nov. 21-22 HealthPack addresses major industry issues Medical device packaging manufacturers, raw material suppliers, converters, contract packagers and sterilization companies will find HealthPack '96 a forum for communication on major issues affecting the industry. Sponsored by Technomic Publishing (Lancaster, PA), HealthPack will be held at Chicago's Fairmont Hotel. Two subject areas will be covered the first day: International Standards and Regulations, followed by Package Design and Labeling. The latter set of sessions concludes on Friday, Nov. 22. Specific sessions scheduled for the morning of Nov. 21 begin with Global packaging standards: ISO 11607, presented by Denis Dyke, Rexam Medical Packaging. Discussion will focus on medical packaging created by the harmonization of global quality systems. Activities of A.S.T.M. Subcommittee Fs.6 Medical Packaging discusses issues and opportunities for sterile barrier packaging. Curt Larsen of SIMS Deltec will preside. Next, Eric Greenberg, attorney with Bullwinkel Partners Ltd., will look at The Legal Front during a session exploring how Food & Drug Administration reform legislation could provide more predictable, faster approvals that benefit business. ISO 9001 Registration--A medical device supplier's experience will be explained by Walter Lesser of Plastofilm Industries. Lesser will focus on how the ISO 9001 registration process has affected his company in terms of documentation, change control, team attitudes and customer commitment. In the Packaging Design and Labeling session, Frances Koch of the Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas, discusses Packaging: The critical difference. He will examine how package design, labeling and usage instructions affect patient care. Optimizing package design using CAD/CNC/CAM, is the subject of Prent Corp.'s James Kallenbach. He explores product fit and function, material flow, improved part tolerances and high-speed pressure forming. Howard Dobbs of Smith & Nephew Richards will then present European labeling requirements and CE marking. Directives indicating what needs to go on the label and insert, multi-lingual labeling, and the use of symbols will be discussed. The Package Design and Labeling session concludes Nov. 22 with AORN recommended practices and their influence on package and product selection. Mary Gillery, Washington University School of Medicine, will direct this presentation. The Packaging Materials and Processing sessions begin with The benefits of calendaring for thermoforming. Michael Buchanan of American Mirrex will discuss thermal and mechanical properties of sheet products and processability factors. Innovative adhesive coating technology is the subject of William Singer with Perfecseal. Singer will review innovations in adhesive coating technology for spun-bonded polyolefin. Robert Portnoy, Exxon Chemical, then discusses Polypropylene film for packaging radiation-sterilized medical devices. New advances in resin formulation techniques have produced PP films that better withstand radiation. In the final set of sessions, Package Testing and Sterilization, Rutgers University's Kit Yam will preside over New approaches and technologies for non-destructive package evaluation. Yam is followed by Tom Wachala with Carleton Technologies. He will discuss Altitude testing changes during distribution, and how those can damage packages. The final speaker, Joseph Dunn of PurePulse Technologies, reviews Pulsed light sterilization of medical devices.

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