ASCO Numatics, Inc: Proportional valves

Designed for use where precise pressure control is required, ASCO Numatics’ SentronicD line of proportional valves can be fully tuned to an application while the valve remains installed in the production machine.

Pw 2918 Webasco
With its Data Acquisition Software (DaS) and a direct-operating solenoid, the SentronicD valve provides rapid development and start-up times plus production systems with high performance characteristics for high throughput and yield.  The valve is designed for PET blow molding, laser cutting, paint spray, web tensioning, balancing, welding, tire industry, leak testing, and polystyrene foam molding applications. Incorporates a direct-acting solenoid that is infinitely adjustable and minimizes resolution loss.  Available with an optional integrated graphic display that quickly presents key data such as outlet pressure, setpoint and pressure switch signals.
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