Mettler Toledo, Inc: Weighing terminal

Mettler Toledo's IND560x intrinsically safe weighing terminal brings performance and versatility into hazardous areas.

Pw 4535 Mettler
Designed for both process control and manual weighing operations, the IND560x weighs in Division 1 or Zone 1/21 areas. The IND560x features analog or Electro Magnetic Force Restoration (EMFR) weighing technologies, offers discrete input/output options, and communicates via serial, Ethernet and a variety of PLC interfaces. It also features a highly-configurable operator interface with numerous programmable, on screen prompts.  The IND560 weighs accurately in filling and dosing applications.  It allows users to control devices directly in the hazardous areas without the need to use expensive barriers or purges. It provides direct connection capability to the communications accessory module–ACM500.  And it complies with the global market standards and is approved to local standards by FM (US and Canada), ATEX (EU) and NEPSI (China). simply and efficiently with the IND560x terminal.

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