Wago Corporation: Add-on instructions for I/O modules

WAGO Corporation’s “free” add-on instructions for Allen-Bradley® RS-Logix™ 5000 allowsAllen-Bradley PLC users to easily implement control logic that supports the functionality of WAGO-IO-System distributed I/O modules.

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WAGO’s Add-On Instructions help adapt standard analog, digital, and specialty module I/O functions into ControlLogix®, CompactLogix® and DriveLogix® controllers. The Add-On Instructions make it easy to bring the modularity and flexibility of the WAGO-I/O-System to projects requiring compact, granular, DIN-rail mount I/O using DeviceNet™ and EtherNet I/P™, while providing additional specialty functions including: motor control (DC and stepper), serial communications, vibration monitoring, HART Device monitoring, 3-phase power measurement, AS-Interface Gateway and DALI Lighting Control.

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