B&R Industrial Automation: Central power supply

With the 8B0P passive power supply modules, B&R provides a central power supply for ACOPOSmulti drive systems.

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Designed for mains input voltages from 3x 380 to 3x 500 VAC, the modules provide a continuous power output of 8 kW or 16 kW depending on the type. The high peak power rating of 24 kW or 48 kW is useful for dynamic applications. The passive motor brake can be used to prevent hanging loads from dropping in an uncontrolled manner if power is lost on ACOPOSmulti drive systems. The mains connection is made using an external upstream line filter that meets corresponding EMC guidelines. The ACOPOSmulti mounting methods (wall, feed-through and cold plate mounting) contribute substantially to reducing the temperature in the switching cabinet.
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