Carlo Gavazzi: Mini-timers

Carlo Gavazzi’s HAA08 (2-pole) and HAA14 (4-pole) multi-function mini-timers provide an extended time range of 100 milliseconds to 100 hours.

Pw 5031 Webcarlo

These 21.5 x 28mm timers feature a 24-240VAC/DC universal power supply and are mounted in a DIN-rail adaptable blade-type relay socket. They provide load capability up to 8 amps, and offer valuable space and cost savings. Each timer provides four functions: delay on operate, interval, symmetrical recycler “ON” first, and symmetrical recycler “OFF” first. The process of selecting and setting the time range is also very easy.  The HAA08 Series features 8Amp DPDT relay contacts, and the HAA14 Series  features 5Amp 4PDT relay contacts.  Mini-timers are UL recognized, CSA approved, and carry the CE and RoHS marks, your assurance of a high quality and safe product.

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