SICK, Inc: Modular safety controller

Sick’s FX3 Flexi Soft Modular Safety Controller is a software programmable, expandable, easy-to-commission safety controller.

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Using a modular hardware platform, the controller expands module by module (12-144 inputs/outputs), saving space in the control cabinet and providing flexibility for future expansion. Increased productivity is possible with advanced features such as: Fast Shut-Off, EFI and Network Communications (8 ms). Hardware and software configuration of the Flexi Soft system is accomplished with the “Flexi Soft Designer,” a function block based logic editor using drag & drop. Once a system is configured, it is then saved and stored in the memory plug. The memory plug is attached to the power, reducing tampering. Up to 255 logic blocks are available. A comprehensive library of 32 certified function blocks is also available.
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