TURCK, Inc: Modular I/O system

TURCK’s BL20 modular I/O system expands their BL ident RFID product portfolio with the release of a Simple RFID (RFID-S) slice.

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The BL20 modular I/O system provides a simple RFID (RFID-S) slice that contains two channels of RFID. Additional RFID slices, as well as traditional discrete and analog I/O slices, may be added to the system, providing flexibility. The RFID-S slice does not require special software for integration into a PLC system, further simplifying the entire process The RFID-S slice is compatible with TURCK’s IP 20 rated BL20 non-programmable and programmable gateways, available for use on PROFIBUS®-DP, PROFINET, DeviceNet™, Modbus TCP/IP and EtherNet/IP™ networks.
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