B&R Industrial Automation: Economical multi drive

The ACOPOSmulti drive design solution from B&R offers a high degree of efficiency for multi-axis machines.

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The APC820 integrates a high level of PC performance into ACOPOSmulti, allowing users to save space in the switching cabinet, by freeing up space intended for the PC. With the Core™2 Duo Windows XP and the real-time operating system run parallel to each other on separate processor cores. Completely new options and complex automation tasks that were previously distributed over a number of system platforms are now brought together in a single device. Up to four automation panels can be connected over a distance of up to 160 m. Both a feed-through heat sink with IP65 protection for releasing heat outside the switching cabinet and a "cold plate" variant for connecting to a cooling circulation system (water, oil) are available. This eliminates the need for fans and climate control units in the switching cabinet.
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