Altra Industrial Motion: Synchronous drives/belts

Synchronous Plus™ synchronous drives, from TB Wood's, an Altra Industrial Motion company, use a dual sprocket design that features both metric and standard-tapped holes coupled with a high-capacity Synchronous Plus belt.

Pw 5635 Webaltra
Synchronous Plus belts feature helically-wound, extra-strong fiberglass cords that are chemically treated and designed to assure length stability, flexibility, and high tensile strength for shock loads. Teeth are molded integrally with backing that protects the tensile members. Teeth and backing components manufactured from synthetic rubber resist heat, oil, ozone, and flex fatigue. Precise tooth formation and accurate spacing permit quiet, smooth, uniform transmission of power with resistance to tooth jump and shear. Load capacities are available for a wide range of torque loads. Synchronous Plus drives also offer V-belt drive systems.
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