Carlo Gavazzi: Mini photoelectric sensors

The CGPS Series of compact photoelectric sensors, from Carlo Gavazzi, can be mounted, configured and/or wired in a variety of ways.

Pw 5788 Webcarlo
All sensors have both normally open and normally closed outputs, and feature a dual LED indicator. Models offer sensitivity adjustment via a potentiometer, providing simple and fast set up. Connection options include hard-wired cable, an M8 quick-disconnect plug, or a pigtail option combinig both cable and M8 quick disconnect plug. Three sensing technologies are available: diffuse reflective in 100 and 300 mm ranges; retro-reflective with a 6 meter range (including a 3 meter polarized option); and through-beam models in 6 and 20 meter ranges. All sensors are supplied by 10-30VDC, measure 13.5 x 29 x 35mm, and come with 150mA complementary transistor outputs
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