Rockwell Automation: Software integrates plant-floor information

Rockwell Automation’s addition to its FactoryTalk Integrated Production and Performance Suite--FactoryTalk VantagePoint software--integrates data from multiple plant-floor information systems for a cohesive look at plant-floor operations.

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With the help of the company’s purchase of Incuity Software, FactoryTalk VantagePoint allows end users to self-configure web-based dashboards, trends and reports, and delivers automatic access to valuable production information from both Rockwell Automation and third-party systems. Through Microsoft Office, user interfaces and pre-defined connectors to third-party systems, users can install and configure their systems in a few hours with minimal technical support. Software provides cohesive access to information on-demand including inventory, maintenance, production and quality control. Integrating Incuity technology into the FactoryTalk suite provides a flexible, extensible, data-modeling framework that is designed to capture and maintain complex relationships between a virtually unconstrained set of data sources. It can provide contextualizing data from ERP, MES, LIMS and CMMS systems along with time-series data from historians like OSIsoft’s PI and AspenTech’s IP.21. FactoryTalk VantagePoint is offered in multiple versions.
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