Baldor Electric Company: Reducers

Baldor’s Dodge Ultra Kleen right-angle, worm gear reducer line is available in quill and 3-piece coupled input, with either solid or hollow output.

Pw 5983 Webbaldor
The stainless steel gear reducers provide washdown protection and are available in five sizes; 17, 21, 23, 26, and 30, with center distances from 1.75 in. to 3.00 in. Reducers include a totally enclosed ventless sealing system that contains a factory filled H1 food grade synthetic lubricant, eliminating the need for routine oil changes. Reducers are protected by a two-piece harsh duty output sealing system that includes a lip seal for superior wear and contamination exclusion, and a wave seal with optimized contact pressure for reduced heat generation and wear. Washdown accessories for the Ultra Kleen include stainless steel straight bore bushings, stainless steel Grip Tight bushings, and a stainless steel bolt-on base kit and output flange kit.
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