Banner Engineering Corp.: Audible/segmented indicator lights

EZ-LIGHT™ Audible and Segmented Indicator Lights, from Banner Engineering Corp., are designed for operator guidance and indication of equipment status.

Pw 6202 Webbanner
Both indicators feature multi-colored, long-lasting LEDs and deliver a convenient solution for displaying the status of remote and inaccessible sensors. Models consist of a single compact and unobtrusive unit that can replace  post and stack lights.  Indicators are available in multiple low-profile design options for easy installation and are compatible with PLC or other logic-level control outputs. EZ-LIGHT Audible Indicators offer two decibel levels with steady or pulsed tones. In addition, Audible Indicators provide standard Green/Red/Yellow lights and are available in two housing styles. EZ-LIGHT Segmented Indicators provide a one-, two-, three- or four-color display with individual segments lighted separately or in combination to display multiple status configurations simultaneously.
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