Bosch Rexroth Corp.: High-performance PAC

Bosch Rexroth’s IndraControl L65 PAC provides unified programming software, scalable hardware, pre-developed functions, reusable code, large memory and built-in connectivity.

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The IEC-compliant IndraControl L65 features 36 megabytes of program memory and a 1-GHz Intel Celeron M processor. To save memory space and help improve scan time, Rexroth’s L65 PAC also incorporates reusable code. To save engineering time, the IndraControl L65 comes with dozens of PLC open machine functions that are pre-programmed according to IEC61131-3 standards. Rexroth also offers scalable hardware allowing machine builders to re-use programs from other Rexroth PLCs and PACs without requiring different configurations or multiple versions. With real-time Ethernet onboard and built-in connectivity for networks ranging from Devicenet to Profinet, the L65 gives users the benefit of having one standard controller with flexible options to integrate into a variety of networks.

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