Phoenix Contact Inc: VLC controllers

Phoenix Contact offers a complete scalable control solution for EtherNet/IP applications with ILC 150 Visual Logic Controller (VLC) Platform and Steeplechase VLC 7.2.

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The ILC 150 VLC is a compact, low-cost embedded control platform for small- to medium-sized applications. The built-in Ethernet port on the ILC 150 VLC provides easy networking and data exchange to a supervisory system using the EtherNet/IP protocol. The Steeplechase VLC 7.2 is a flowchart-based programming tool. In addition to the new ILC 150 VLC control platform, Steeplechase VLC 7.2 can also target other controllers in the Phoenix Contact product line such as the ILC 350 VLC and the S-MAX VLC, as well as a traditional PC-based runtime control platform.


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