Emerson Drive Solutions: Emerson Drive Solutions: Servo drives with Position Tracker

The Epsilon EP from Emerson Control Techniques has been designed with a wider power range while maintaining a compact size (six-inch panel depth), and Emerson’s PowerTools Pro software.

Pw 8509 Emerson
Drives now offer Position Tracker™, which can replace a PLC-based position control module with a simple analog signal or fieldbus register. Typically, a servo drive controls a motor’s velocity or torque based upon an analog command input. An external position controller is needed to calculate the position error and adjust the analog command to cause the motor to adjust its actual position. With the Position Tracker™ mode, the closed loop feature of the position controller has been brought into Epsilon EP. The user simply needs to feed the drive an analog or fieldbus signal that is proportional to absolute motor position. No complex ladder logic to send acceleration, velocity and position information, users must predefine the maximum values of acceleration and velocity in PowerTools Pro software, then send the position information via analog input or over the network (Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP, Profibus DP or DeviceNet), and the drive will command the motor to that exact position.
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