Exair Corp.: Hazardous location cabinet coolers

Hazardous Location Cabinet Cooler systems from Exair Corp. are designed and approved for use on purged electrical enclosures found within classifed areas. The areas approved are Class I Div 1, Groups A, B, C and D – Class II Div 1 Groups E, F and G - and Class III.

Hazardous Location Cabinet Coolers
Hazardous Location Cabinet Coolers

Exair’s HazLoc Cabinet Cooler® systems have been tested by UL and meet the stringent UL requirements for these areas. Systems are a low cost and reliable way to cool purged electric control panels found within these environments. They utilize vortex tube technology to produce up to 5,600 Btuh, with no moving parts, which additionally creates a low maintenance solution for cooling purged cabinets.

Hazardous Location Cabinet Cooler systems are available in eight different cooling capacities from 1,000 Btuh to 5,600 Btuh. This range of cooling allows for choosing the best fit for your cooling needs without placing additional demand upon your air compressor. Thermostatically controlled systems are recommended for the highest efficiency and include UL listed solenoids, also for hazardous environments.

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