Siko: Wire-actuated encoder

Siko GmbH offers the SG61 wire-actuated encoder that can be used for measuring lengths up to 6 m.

SG61 wire-actuated encoder
SG61 wire-actuated encoder

Compact and robust

The measurement length and a housing that is as compact as possible are important factors when choosing sensors in intralogistics and for mobile machines.

The new SG61 wire-actuated encoder is truly eye-catching with an installation depth of 70mm x 85mm x 105mm and no compromises in terms of sturdiness! The robust aluminum housing, coupled with impact-resistant plastic, survives even the harshest of operating conditions. Factors such as temperatures between -40 and +80°C, high shock and vibration loads, dirt, dust and water pose no limitations for the wire-actuated encoder.

For outdoor applications in low temperature ranges, there is also a variant with integrated water drain holes – this avoids the problem of water freezing in minus temperatures and increases the service life.

Flexible application thanks to variety of interfaces and Wire-Flex technology

The flexible 58 mm flange system of the SG61 allows the customer to decide which interface should be used. Almost any interface is compatible with the wire-actuated encoder, whether it’s an incremental interface such as HTL or TTL, or an absolute interface such as analog, SSI, CANopen, SEA J1939, CANopen Safety, Fieldbus or Ethernet.

And that’s not where the flexibility of the wire-actuated sensor ends: the wire outlet also offers all of the advantages of Wire-Flex technology.

This makes it possible to ensure that the wear on the wire is kept to a minimum, even if it pulls out at an angle. The conical shape of the wire outlet and the various types of wire mean that any deposits on the wire can be removed easily. Mechanical tolerances for the machine or vehicle can be offset automatically, even in harsh ambient conditions, which preserves the function and service life of the system.

Suitable for position detection

The SG61 encoder provides increased safety in combination with the redundant Siko WV58MR safety rotary encoder and can be used in the overall system in applications up to performance level d (PLd). This is made possible by the mechanical design and software specially designed for the purpose. Not only the electronics but also the mechanics are monitored, which means that dangerous conditions can be detected at an early stage – making it particularly suitable for mobile machines for any application.


• Robust and compact design

• Measuring lengths of up to 6 m

• Wire outlet with Wire-Flex technology

• Incremental, analog, Fieldbus or Ethernet interfaces available

• Also available in safety version in combination with the Siko WV58MR rotary encoder

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