Nanotec: Compact motor controller

Nanotec offers the CL4-E motor controller suitable for both brushless DC motors and stepper motors and has a peak power of 1050 W. Its rated current is 6 A, additional heat sinks are not required.

CL4-E motor controller
CL4-E motor controller

The high-performance motion controller can be controlled via CANopen and Modbus RTU or programmed for stand-alone operation and be controlled via digital and analog inputs.

It is designed for field-oriented control by encoder, Hall sensors, or sensorless. Due to speed and acceleration feed-forward control, it offers significant improvements over PI controllers in terms of reference behavior and dynamics. Additional safety for the tolerances of 48 V battery packs and power supplies is provided by the 58 V operating voltage. The CL4-E controller is easy to parameterize and program with Nanotec’s free Plug&Drive Studio software.

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