Posital: Inclinometers

Posital’s TILTIX inclinometers are available with the Modbus RTU communication interface.

TILTIX inclinometers
TILTIX inclinometers

Modbus RTU protocols, which are openly published and royalty-free, have emerged as a de-facto standard for simple, robust and cost-efficient data acquisition and control systems built around standard PLCs. Modbus RTU nodes can be connected together through RS-485 serial connections with up to 32 devices connected to the bus.

• Full 360° single axis or dual axis ±80°

• Shock immunity up to 100 g

• Tough fiber-reinforced PBT and heavy duty die-cast aluminum housings available.

• Programmable measurement resolution, zero setting and direction via AP


TILTIX inclinometers with Modbus RTU interface are ideal for solar energy systems where it is necessary to monitor the spatial orientation of multiple collectors or reflectors. They can also be used in production machineries like textile manufacturing, paper manufacturing, or for material handling equipment and in many other applications where a practical, low-cost position control solution is required.

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