Miki Pulley: Electric brakes

Miki Pulley’s BXR-LE electric spring applied brakes are ideal for small and precise servo motor configurations. Featuring a voltage controller, the brake’s power consumption is stepped down to 7 vDC after a split second of 24 vDC for brake actuation.

BXR-LE electric spring applied brakes
BXR-LE electric spring applied brakes

Their unique compact and lightweight design optimizes servo drive performance and efficiency.

When compared to most other electric brakes, the revolutionary BXR-LE design provides just one-third power consumption and heat generation in one-half the overall size thickness. Specifications are:

• Maximum RPM: 6000

• Static friction torque range: 0.044 ft lb to 2.36 ft lb (0.06Nm to 3.20 Nm)

• Ambient operating temperature 14°F – 104°F (-10°C to 40°C)

Additional applications for the BXR-LE brakes include:

• End effectors.

• Ball screw actuators.

• XYZ positioning tables.

• 3D printers.

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