Exair: Air guns

Exair 's VariBlast® compact safety air guns are small and lightweight cast aluminum air guns capable of handling tough jobs.

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Because of the engineered variable flow trigger they are able to produce light, medium, or heavy force upon a target simply by pulling the trigger. This comfortable and ergonomic air gun has two 1/4 NPT air inlets and a storage hanger for convenience. Air consumption of the VariBlast Compact air gun is only 10-17.5 SCFM, depending on the nozzle installed, which is among Exair 's most efficient air guns. It is capable of producing up to one pound of force, making it a great choice for light to medium duty applications.

These CE compliant air guns can use Exair 's extensions up to 72 in. long for extended reach and can be purchased with a chip shield. This product line of VariBlast Compact Safety Air Guns utilize Exair 's 1/8 NPT engineered air nozzles that reduce compressed air use and meet OSHA requirements for dead-end pressure and noise exposure.

All of Exair 's Safety Air Gun product lines use engineered air nozzles for high performance and safety – designed to maximize safety and minimize air consumption. The Heavy Duty and Soft Grip Safety Air Guns provide higher force for tougher applications. All are available with extension pipes and Chip Shields. VariBlast Compact Safety Air Gun Prices start at $58.

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