Rise Robotics: Electric linear actuator

Rise™ Robotics offers RISE-CYL-095-1200-1 Rise™ Cylinder an electromechanical, maintenance-free, and fluid-free linear actuator with increased power density and reliability to roller-screws and hydraulics. Unit is 9.5 kN rated load at 1,120 km service life, 95 mm dia, 1.2 m maximum stroke, .8 m/s maximum speed.

Rise™ Cylinder
Rise™ Cylinder

• Rise™ Cylinders replace hydraulics of all sizes, enabling all-electric, quieter, and more efficient machines. Rise™ is currently working closely with select partners to bring these benefits to market.

• Rise™Cylinders can be built to sizes that roller-screws and other linear actuators cannot, allowing for larger all-electric lifting machines then ever before! For special applications, RISE cylinders can be fabricated with extremely long strokes, such as 60 ft. Unlike roller screws, RISE cylinders are not constrained by screw-related limitations.

• Rise™Cylinders do not require any fluid, pumps, or lubrication. It is a dry system that requires no maintenance for millions of cycles.

• Rise™Cylinders are offered in sizes up to 650mm in diameter, providing thrust loads of 450 kN and speeds up to 1.0 m/s for millions of maintenance-free actuation cycles.

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