Carlo Gavazzi: Voltage monitoring relay

Carlo Gavazzi launched the DUB72, a double under voltage monitoring relay approved for use in Class I Division 2 hazardous locations. It can be used to help prevent brownouts in 24-vDC supplied systems in any kind of application, including hazardous environments.

DUB72 voltage monitoring relay
DUB72 voltage monitoring relay

The DUB72 features two independent set levels and outputs, which allow the use of one as a pre-alarm and the second one as an alarm. With a high powered electromechanical 20 amp relay, the second threshold / relay can be used to directly disconnect a battery or load. Its low-profile DIN housing can fit into electrical distribution panels as well as into industrial cabinets.

The Class I Div. 2 compliance, according to the ISA12.12.1 Norm, makes the DUB72 suitable for installation in potentially explosive environments rated Zone 2. The PCB tropicalization increases operational reliability in humid and dusty environments.

The DUB72 from Carlo Gavazzi provides crucial monitoring of low voltage/brownout conditions, to protect sensitive electronic equipment. DUB72 conforms to global standards such as UL 508, CSA C22.2 and EN 60947-5-1, as well as ANSI/ISA 12.12.01-2010 for use in Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations. This makes it ideal for markets where flammable or explosive gases or dusts may occur, such as Oil & Gas and Agriculture markets.

The features of the DUB72 Double Under-Voltage Monitoring Relay include:

• Dual under voltage monitoring

• 2 independent relay outputs

• 1 x 3 A output + 1 x 20 amp output

• 24 V self-supplied from measured voltage

• Measured range from 16 VDC to 26 VDC

• Class I Division 2 of the ISA12.12.1 hazardous location installation norm approved.

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