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The alpha Value Line gearhead series from Wittenstein is available in 5 variations, with reduction ratios, interfaces to the motor, and application and conditions of use that can be customized according to user specifications.

alpha Value Line gearhead series
alpha Value Line gearhead series

The performance range meets industry averages for precision, dynamics and power density requirements. Several product types – for example high torque, with couplings or as a complete linear system – expand the solution space for these "individual talents".

Features include:

• Reduction ratios from 3 to 10 (single-stage) or 9 to 100 (two-stage)

• Permissible torsional backlash of up to eight arc minutes.

• Output shaft can be smooth, keywayed, involute or flanged.

• Conditions of use are a selection and sizing criterion. (For example the presence of high axial and radial forces or continuous or cyclic operation.)

• Various clamping hubs and adapter plates are possible on the drive side.

• Options include pinions, metal bellows or elastomer couplings and adapter flanges mounted to the output side

• A high torque version with an output flange is also available

• Available for linear motion control, configured with our rack as a complete linear system: the alpha Value Linear System.

All gearhead variations can be put together not only flexibly but also economically thanks to their modular design. They run very smoothly and require zero maintenance – making them even more cost efficient.

With more than 95% efficiency at full load, the alpha Value Line delivers extensive design freedom. In addition to a mechanical interface which can be flexibly selected according to requirements, the gearheads allow integration in the machine in any position – vertically, horizontally or with the output facing upwards or downwards. In the system solution with a rack and pinion, the gearhead is optionally equipped with a slotted flange for quick and easy positioning of the pinion to the rack. The gearheads mount to motors in a single step, safely and securing, greatly reducing installation effort.

Our online Sizing Assistant makes configuration for your ideal alpha Value Line gearhead fast and easy. Complement with our CAD Generator, integrated 3D files and cymex® sizing software for technical assessments of complete drive trains.

The alpha Value Line creates affordable and efficient gearhead solutions for secondary axes, linear feed motions and a wide range of mechatronic drives. Machine tools and manufacturing systems, food processing, packaging and woodworking machinery, printing and paper technology and robotics and handling solutions are just a few of the typical applications.

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