Wittenstein: Expanded line of drive systems

Wittenstein SE expanded its Galaxie® system product line to include more sizes, a hypoid version, and a new ultra-flat version.

Galaxie® DF
Galaxie® DF

The expanded product line includes:

• The compact Galaxie® D in size 085 for use in smaller cutting heads or handling axes where special requirements apply regarding torsional rigidity and freedom from backlash.

• The new ultraflat Galaxie® DF in sizes 110 and 135, which saves up to 30 percent of the normal installation length.

• The Galaxie® GH with its optional right angle input stage.

The inherent superiority of the Galaxie® principle is scientifically proven. The decisive features here are the dynamic teeth instead of a rigid gear ring, the tangential and hydrodynamic tooth contact over the full surface when loaded and the new type of bearing with a segmented outer race ring. All of this adds up to a novel design principle, with the result that Galaxie® is clearly superior to other, established principles in all key technical disciplines compared to the market standard. In short, Galaxie® is a disruptive innovation which is increasingly causing existing design strategies to be overturned and rebuilt.

Galaxie® Drive System’s status as a new gearbox generation is based on the scientific reasoning of the logarithmic spiral - the mathematical function introduced by Wittenstein. The gear toothing takes the form of an input polygon, around which the individual teeth are grouped, leading to full-surface contact and mathematically precise synchronous running. Both the theoretical functionality of Galaxie® and its technical performance features and benefits are meanwhile generally accepted among scientists – especially since the logarithmic spiral is also recognized in the “mathematics” of nature in effectiveness, for instance in a snail’s shell.

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