Kollmorgen: Standalone motion controller

Kollmorgen introduces the Programmable Controller Multi-axis Master (PCMM), a motion controller that meets a broad range of OEM requirements for a wide range of machines.

Standalone motion controller
Standalone motion controller

The PCMM delivers complete PLC and motion control functionality in a compact, easy-to-use controller. Integrated programming, configuration screens, and diagnostics in a single software package simplify and minimize setup time, resulting in faster time to market for OEMs. It also offers superior scalability. It is versatile enough for a simple 1-axis machine as well as more complex machines with 100 or more axes.

The PCMM often eliminates the need for large, expensive PCs. By using a single modular/scalable controller, OEMs are also able to reduce inventory, installation and design efforts. The compact size and multi-network connectivity of the PCMM help with modularity, meaning OEMs do not have to use multiple control platforms.

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