Pepperl+Fuchs: Absolute encoders

CVM42H CANopen Multi-Turn Absolute Encoders feature a stainless steel housing, flange, and shaft, and utilize magnetic sampling to deliver 24-bit resolution position value through the CANopen protocol.

CVM42H CANopen Multi-Turn Absolute Encoder
CVM42H CANopen Multi-Turn Absolute Encoder

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These compact rotary encoders excel in harsh environments with high mechanical stresses. They are ideal for withstanding constant shocks and vibrations, high bearing loads, dirt, and temperature fluctuations. They are typically found in mobile equipment, steel production, wind turbine, and packaging applications.

CVM42H absolute encoders are available with an IP66, IP68, or IP69K environmental rating. They offer axial and radial shaft load capacity to 270 N, are vibration resistant to 30 g, and shock resistant to 300 g. They are rated for use in operating temperatures from -40 degrees C (-40 degrees F) to +85 degrees C (185 degrees F).

The strength of the CVM42H is boundless reliability under the most adverse conditions. It combines compact dimensions with simple mounting. Its resolution of up to 1° offers the most precise positioning of movable tools on lifting systems or cranes.