Failsafe analog input module

Siemens’ SIMATIC® SM 336 is the world's first TUV SIL 3 certified HART failsafe analog input module.

Costing approximately 35 percent less than previous models, the module is available for use with SIMATIC ET 200M I/O and PCS 7F process safety systems and supports single, dual and triple redundancy architectures. Unlike traditional failsafe analog input modules, the SM 336 module does not require redundancy to achieve SIL 3 certification. HART communications and diagnostics for the module are set up from a central computer with SIMATIC PDM software, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming field configuration. Additionally, all diagnostic information is readily available on the central computer. A 50 percent reduction in size provides greater packing density for this certified failsafe I/O, which also has six isolated HART analog inputs between channels and its backplane bus. The module provides short circuitprotection and supports two- or four-wire transmitters. Local LED displays indicate failsafe operation, channel specific faults and HART status.

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