Dover Flexo Electronics: Dover Flexo Electronics: Integrated interface/amplifier

Dover Flexo Electronics (Rochester, NY) has released a special option for idler-roll tension transducer pairs: an integrated interface/amplifier that outputs a 10 v DC signal proportional to tension.

Pw 17204 Transducer

Transducers with the special options are powered by 24 v DC. Because Dover’s standard strain-gauge tension transducers provide a 250mVDC output signal that is not directly usable by most customers, a separate electronics package—usually a transducer interface circuit card—is required to condition the transducer pair’s output to make it usable for measurement and control applications. However, with the development of the 10 v output option, the necessity for customers to purchase and install an extra transducer interface/amplifier card when purchasing a pair of tension transducers has been eliminated.

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