Thermo Solutions: Vacuum-insulated containers

Thermo Solutions™ (Minneapolis, MN) has introduced square vacuum-insulated panel (VIP) containers. The EverKool Express™ and the EverKool™ VIP allow frozen food to retain a sub-zero temperature for 36 hr at a consistent 85°F ambient room temperature.

Pw 19561 Thermo Solutions

Refrigerated food maintains a constant temperature between 33°F and 42°F for 24 hr at a consistent 84°F ambient temperature. The Express is a soft-sided container and comes in 3 sizes: 14”x14”x8”, 18”x18”x12” and 22”x22”x16”. The VIP is a hard-sided container and also comes in 3 sizes: 18”x16”x10”, 22”x22”x16” and 10”x10”x10”. Other customized sizes can be ordered for both.

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