OMAC and ISA to merge

On January 17, the OMAC Board of Directors announced that it has started detailed planning activities which will lead to a merger with ISA (The Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society).

“This merger will allow both organizations to build on their respective strengths and will result in OMAC functioning as an independent subsidiary of ISA,” says Unilever’s Andy McDonald on behalf of the OMAC board. “ Remaining steps of the merger should be completed in the first half of 2005.”

The leadership of OMAC and ISA clearly see that OMAC's mission, past activities, and future activities align well with those of ISA, says McDonald. To wit:

* OMAC's work with representatives from discrete manufacturing companies complements ISA’s traditional strengths in the process and batch sectors.

* OMAC's rapid development of guidelines can serve as a valuable first step towards the adoption of ANSI or IEC standards through ISA’s accredited process.

* OMAC's collaborations with other industry organizations complement similar ISA relationships

A joint OMAC/ISA team has been established to plan and execute the details of the merger. The first major milestone for this group is to prepare a detailed proposal that will be presented to OMAC's membership in Orlando on February 3rd (details will also be posted ahead of this event on the OMAC website). The plan is to hold a ballot in order to gain member endorsement of the Board of Directors’ recommendation to merge with ISA.

“I strongly urge you to join us at the ARC Forum in Orlando and make sure that you are able take part in the next stage of OMAC’s evolution,” says McDonald. Inquiries can be sent to omac@arcwebcom.

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