OMAC and WBF announce cooperation

Continuous, batch, and discrete manufacturing processes may soon share standardized models and naming conventions thanks to a January 28 announcement at the ARC Forum in Orlando, FL.

Leaders of OMAC Users Group and World Batch Forum announced their intention to explore cooperative activities that will leverage the commonality between the two organizations’ existing bodies of work.

WBF, through the ISA, has been working to define standards for batch processes. OMAC Users Group, through its Guidelines, has been doing essentially the same thing for discrete manufacturing processes, packaging in particular. Now the two groups will exploit the areas of overlap between their existing bodies of work to streamline manufacturing systems integration, training, and manpower productivity.

The initiative will kick off at WbF’s May 16-19 meeting in Chcago with a working session to coordinate development and implementation of ISA’s SP88 and SP95 standards with OMAC’s SP88-derived PackML state model across continuous, batch, and discrete processes.

Interested manufacturing, automation, and business leaders are invited to participate in the groups’ first working session. Contact WBF at or phone Dan Cain at 314/576-1116. Contact OMAC Users Group at or phone Keith Campbell at 717/832-0115.

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