Protective details

The Xbox console includes a variety of sensitive internal components including a hard drive, DVD drive, and a CPU. To protect the console during transportation and handling, Microsoft selected expanded polystyrene foam end caps.

The EPS end caps have a 1.25 lb/cu’ density in providing optimal cushioning strength that meets a maximum G-level impact force of 100. In addition, the end caps provide ease of assembly for manufacturers and contribute to lower per-unit packaging costs, according to Xbox lead marketing manager Justin Kirby. With more than 800 internal components, the Xbox console weighs in at about 8 lb for North American and Japanese consumers and 8 1/2 lb for European consumers decause of different electronics requirements. "There are no significant packaging differences between the regional boxes other than the use of catalog locking tabs for both Japan and Europe," Kirby says. Every component within the box is protected by 2-mil polypropylene bags. Additionally, the bags for the console and the game controller have antistatic properties to reduce potential electrical discharges when users unpack it. Along with these protective measures, the upper surface of the console is covered by a plastic film designed to reduce scratching and scuffing during transit. The product documentation is sealed with shrink-wrap material.

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