Enclosed Packaging List Labeling Solution

See it at PACK EXPO International, Booth LL-9507! Chicago Tag & Label’s Multiplex™ solution streamlines the fulfillment process by printing the packing slip and shipping documents at the time the shipping label is printed.

Multi Plex Pulled Apart Label

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With Chicago Tag & Label’s Multiplex solution, critical shipping documents are printed simultaneously, eliminating the need to match the packing list and shipping label, thus reducing errors and preventing incorrect shipments. Personalize the label size, pre-printed information, and the number of layers to enclose all shipping documents, including a gift message, additional packing list, or return label.

Connected for automation and designed for all market segments including retail, food, manufacturing, and warehousing/logistics, the Multiplex allows you to maximize throughput by eliminating steps in the fulfillment process. Increase efficiency, improve accuracy, and reduce labor expenses.

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