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Markem-Imaje launches the 5940 G Touch Dry inkjet coder designed to provide label-free and high-resolution coding, branding, and text on secondary packaging, including corrugated.

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Applicable for a broad range of materials, the 5940 G prints grade C or better, GS1-128 compliant codes on corrugated cases and trays of fresh produce, beverages, meats, confection, and many other foods, as well as precision printing on polystyrene for frozen foods and shrink-wrap for pallet shipments. In addition, the system prints clean, crisp information and codes on porous surfaces including fabrics and non-wovens for medical personal protective equipment (PPE) masks, gowns, and diapers.

Markem-Imaje’s new inkjet coder features its proprietary Touch Dry® inks that instantly dry on contact. The inks, which are free of odors and volatile organic compounds (VOC), are safe to handle and contribute to a more sustainable production line. Touch Dry inks will not spread along corrugated fibers and lose resolution. A variety of colored inks are available. Mi 5940 G Interface

The 5940 G also features a patent pending, Intelli’Flow printhead technology that avoids nozzle blockages due to ink backsplash and dust buildup. Plus, a filtering process that degasses the ink during printing and keeps the jetting mechanism clean and clear, resulting in a higher print quality, greater throughput, reduced maintenance, and less downtime.

The system performs well in temperatures ranging from 32° F to 104° F (0° C-40°C).

Furthermore, the 5940 G leverages Markem-Imaje’s packaging intelligence software, CoLOS to help manufacturers maintain their entire database of print jobs centrally, streamlining print management and supporting greater throughput. Plus, the 5940 G works seamlessly with the Systech Packaging Intelligence Suite™, which integrates the key pillars of packaging intelligence: message management, verification, line control and insight.

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