Weber Packaging: High-speed label applicator

The Alpha HSM label applicator from Weber Packaging Solutions is available in 10 different versions to fit most labeling applications. Available in right- or left-hand versions, unit has 5.3 in. (13-5mm), 7.8 in. (200-mm), 9.8 in. (250-mm) and 12.6 in. (320-mm) label width versions and can keep up with line speeds up to 500 ft/min.

Alpha HSM label applicator
Alpha HSM label applicator

With a labeling accuracy of ±0.01 in., the Alpha HSM can handle labels as small as 0.39 in. x 0.39 in. (10-mm x 10-mm) and up to 12.5 in. x 78.7 in. (320-mm x 2000-mm) (W x L). Depending on the label width configuration, the HSM can handle label rolls up to 19 in. in diameter on 3 in. diameter cores.

Three different user interfaces are available including OLED display, external PLC module or a web-based control. And the system is IP65 certified for dust and water spray protection and is constructed of durable aluminum with high rigidity for all working label widths.

The standard mechanical label unwinder and rewinder can be upgraded to a motorized servo-controlled system for higher speeds. Application modules for the HSM include a fixed peeler plate, a swiveling peeler plate, a pneumatic peeler plate, and adjustable peeler plate or a pneumatic applicator. Label sensors can handle standard and transparent labels.

Multiple interfaces allow connections for HMI display, product detector, rotary encoder, I/O signal, Ethernet network, and an aux in and aux out for sensor attachment.

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