Redimark: Small-character ink-jet coder

Redimark has launched the TC12 ink-jet coder; designed for ease of purchase and use, with online ordering, quick set-up and intuitive interface.

Small-character ink-jet coder
Small-character ink-jet coder

The coder arrives fully assembled and the touchscreen interface is intuitive, so users can pull it out of the box and be up and coding right away. The printing quality is detailed and precise, and it marks codes consistently at up to 400 ft/min. Its small footprint makes it easy to mount at a variety of angles when printing and coding on paperboard materials, plastics, bags, pouches and films, labels or aluminum.

The Redimark unit features fast-drying, cartridge-based ink. If it runs low, users can just insert a new cartridge in seconds. Plus, the cartridge contains both the ink and the printer head, eliminating the need to clean downtime—and no need to clean messy heads. No more make-up solvents, no filters and virtually no maintenance.

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