Marchesini Group: Track and trace labeler

The new BL A420 CW labeler for track and trace requirements offers versatility and reliability, along with a completely integrated load cell in its stepper conveyance system, which is capable of controlling the weight of each carton.

Track and trace labeler
Track and trace labeler

This system is much more compact than the classic solution (where the weighing unit is coupled in-line) and more compact than models featuring weighing units with their own conveyance system and independent from that of the labelling machine. By integrating the load cell into the toothed belt system of the BL A420 CW, the unit is able to verify the position of the cartons at all times: if the weight is correct, the product undergoes the subsequent processes (serialization, marking and sealing), then it is sent to the next machine; if on the other hand the weight is not correct, the subsequent processes are skipped and the carton is rejected.

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