B & H Labeling Systems: Glue extrusion system

See it at PACK EXPO International, Booth #S-2766! B & H Labeling Systems presents the Marathon + GES 2.0 series of roll-fed labelers, exclusively equipped with the new patent-pending B & H Glue Extrusion System.

Glue extrusion system
Glue extrusion system

As the world’s only fully automatic extrusion-based, recipe-driven hot melt glue applicator for roll-fed labeling, the GES 2.0 minimizes downtime, requires no operator set-up or adjustment during production and improves labeling quality.

Now commercially available as part of the Marathon series of labelers, the GES 2.0 is the first high-performance glue application alternative to traditional glue wheel systems.The B & H GES 2.0 applies a precisely extruded film of hot melt adhesive to preprogramed locations on a label through a vertical pattern nozzle. Using proprietary algorithms, the fully automatic system uses a controlled combination of pressure and temperature to accurately and consistently extrude and apply hot melt adhesive to labels regardless of production speed.

GES 2.0-applied glue patterns are void-free, which improves the bonding performance of any adhesive. The system offers precise, consistent control over the amount of adhesive applied to a label, the position of the adhesive pattern on a label, and the size of the leading and trailing edge glue patterns. It eliminates the need for labeler operators to set-up and adjust the system during operation. This reduces downtime related to glue application and reduces the need to train operators to troubleshoot and then adjust the glue application system.

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