Uniq Seal LLC: Heat shrink labeler

Uniq Seal’s KOBE I low-cost heat-shrink labeling machine runs in excess of 300 cpm with 40 micron thick film and accommodates round, square, rectangular, and oval containers with the use of bullet technology.

Pw 48714 Kobe I Picture

Suitable for packaging lines with limited space, the KOBE I is an easy-to-use, affordable, entry-level machine built for low to moderate production rates.

The use of servo technology helps the KOBE I deliver speed, efficiency, flexibility, tool-less changeover, and more.  The machine also provides:  24-hour operation; touch screen controls (HMI); built-in support diagnostics; precision cutting adjustable label sizing; sophisticated film tension control system; and servo-drive software.

The KOBE I’s user-friendly software assists the operator with step-by-step instructions at each level of adjustment.  The built-in diagnostic function is supported with explanations of how to resolve each issue.

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