About Packaging Robotics, Inc: Tabletop printer eliminates labels

Delivering 300 dpi resolution at speeds of 4- to 10-ft. of pouch stock/second, the Thermal Printmaster from About Packaging Robotics, Inc. provides maximum variety and flexibility for printing on pouches, bags, and flats of polymers, foils, and Tyvek with thickness up to 350 g/m2, and pouch width of 1.25- to 6-in.

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300 dpi resolution delivers needle-sharp logos, text, and bar codes using the newly-developed Near-Edge Type Print Head with integrated temperature control to give the appearance of preprinted pouches.

By inserting the pouches and pressing the "ONLINE" key, the lift-tray rises automatically and the stock is printed and deposited in a collection tray.  The width and length of the collection tray can be adjusted to conform to the size of the pouching stock.

Seventeen standard fonts and two vector fonts allow a wide range of print design. All standard bar codes are integrated in the system.

The Thermal Printmaster has a highly-effective and economical ribbon-saver. The 656-yard ribbon reduces replacement time. The ribbon can be purchased in varying widths, eliminating waste.

This system operates with Flash-Proms via a parallel interface. Data can be fed in at any time eliminating the need to change Eproms.

The Thermal Printmaster can direct print to media which is 1-1/2- to 10-in. wide, and provides a maximum of 8-1/2-in. wide print area.

Features a rugged steel printing platform, high resolution print capability, quality copy registration, and a stepper motor driven infeed to insure positive automatic feed of a wide range of varnished, polished, or porous flat (no folds, perforations or seams) products. 

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