Mettler Toledo, Inc: Large-capacity printer creates innovative labels

Combining powerful computing and high-capacity printing into one housing, Mettler Toledo’s easy-to-use UC-LP high-speed prepack printer helps retailers maximize marketing potential through innovative and creative labels that comply with government labeling regulations.

Pw 40579 Webmettler

The UC-LP’s interface makes learning simple and decreases operator training time. With larger label rolls, fewer roll changes are necessary, resulting in less down time and less machine maintenance. The compact design eliminates clutter by offering more space on the counter and fresh department prep area.

The UC-LP allows retailers to run third-party applications, such as fresh item management, production planning, and task management systems.  Multiple USB devices can be plugged into the printer, and a scale base can be connected for printing random-weight labels.  The high-resolution printer delivers high-quality labels that deliver the impression of in-store brands. Countless fonts and custom graphics can be integrated to deliver a unique, fully functional piece of in-store marketing that provides the information that customers expect.

Whether integrated with a manual hand-wrap station in the fresh meat department, or used in the bakery for large label runs in batch mode, the UC-LP’s intuitive touchscreen makes it simple to create high-quality unique labels that promote in-store brands.

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