Panther Industries Predator at PACK EXPO Connects

Print and apply label for shipping and pack slip automation systems is all electric, with Adaptive Touch technology.

The labeling system’s servo drive is 100% electric.
The labeling system’s servo drive is 100% electric.

Today Panther Industries demonstrated print and apply labeling automation solutions, including pack slip automation, for e-commerce, distribution, and fulfillment operations on its all-electric top apply labeling system, the Panther Industries Predator. The demonstration included multiple applications of how an end user can apply a shipping label, a shipping and pack slip in tandem, or a single application of both the shipping label and pack slip to cartons in motion.

The Panther Industries Predator is the company’s fastest, most adaptive label application system, built for durability, speed, and accuracy to boost throughput and elevate customer business.

The company says the labeling system’s servo drive is 100% electric and doesn’t use compressed air. Its high-speed applicator is designed to reach up to 200 IPS, with label application distances up to 58” (tamp), or 18” (swing arm). The system includes a remote-mounted 7” touch screen display, as well as Adaptive Touch technology to provides light touch during the label application process and an adaptive applicator for automatic adjustments to carton height for accurate and consistent label placement.

PACK EXPO Connects content will be available through March 2021. To view the demo, click here.

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