Track and trace concepts explained

During a Smart Bar briefing on Monday, Jack Roe of LSI explained the two basic concepts behind track and trace of products.

First, the company must assign a serial number—license plate, for example—to each product. Then a data base is created for that and other products.

The second concept is aggregation, such as products aggregated into bundles, into cases, or onto pallets. This process needs to be done on the plant floor but will track product throughout distribution. The assigned numbers can be sequential or, as in the pharmaceutical market, randomized for security. Special software is required to accomplish the latter, Roe says.

LSI sells equipment for coding and labeling at any level of aggregation, from single product to pallet loads. In addition, LSI can integrate lasers and coders from other manufacturers. The company also integrates readers and antennas for RFID applications.

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